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360° ORB Model PARALAX 

After over a year of designing and engineering, the creators of Disney, Lucas, and Sony Films proudly brings you the most advanced 360°booth in the industry. 


Awarded - Most Innovative 360° Photo Booth by Innovation & Excellence in Europe

  • Powerful Dual-Controlled White plus RGB 360° Pixel Tube LED DMX.

  • Patent-Pending Digital Top Mount Planetary Motor with Magnetic Clutch Collision.

  • LARGE Red Carpet Photo Arena to Strike a Pose with Style!

New Years 2024 Event

Coronado Gala 2023

UCSDP Christmas Party 2023 

Club Nova Prom 2023

San Diego Convention Center After Party 2023

Crazy 21st Birthday 2023

From San Diego to Vegas

Lavish Gate Community Halloween 2022

Lavish Gate  Event Community 2022

Rancho Santa Fe Epic Birthday 2022

Contact us to book your next event for 2024 and beyond!

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